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Интерьер кухни

Интерьер кухни

About kitchen design

Currently, the most fashionable and popular option design and engineering solutions in the field of furniture for the kitchen facilities are kitchen with integrated appliances. It is almost impossible to overestimate the benefits of such a proposal . These kitchens are not only very organic look , since the technique fits in with almost any decor , but also saves space , which is especially important for small apartments . Decided to buy a kitchen with integrated appliances, you will no longer worry about the fact that your stove or oven slightly the wrong size or are not in harmony with the color of the rest of the furniture.

The main trend in the manufacture of kitchen design for the order, is the combination of high technology , comfort, perfect shapes and high functional load . Meet all these requirements is not easy, but possible.
Modern kitchens and their features

Kitchen was, is and will be the embodiment of the hearth . Apart from the fact that the kitchen - a place where , in most families , are all intimate conversations, many housewives significant portion of their free time to spend it in the kitchen space . For this reason, the basic requirements for the modern kitchen became its versatility and functionality.

If you choose to order food production in our company , your kitchen furniture will be reliable , durable and practical. Every inch of space occupied by your kitchen, will be considered and designed in such a way to bring you the maximum benefit and convenience. Together with you we will think over the kitchen design to the smallest detail and will do everything to make kitchen furniture to order not only facilitates you with the household chores , but also provide maximum safety , comfort, and joy into your life and comfort in the house .

However, it is worth considering that, due to the complexity of the production of some parts , the whole process of food takes from 20 days to 1 month . Be patient : good furniture requires painstaking work and precision in its manufacture . But , at the end of this period, you get a great kitchen, which is exactly will meet all your requirements.
kitchen interior
Preferences and wealth owners are the backbone of choice dishes to order. You can order any version of the kitchen , which is the best way to fit your room and you'll be pleased . It can be angled and kitchen, and round the kitchen and any other beautiful kitchen , with which you will create a flawless appearance and interior comfort , where every object is part of a harmonious system.

Very relevant in our time with corner kitchen ( located in the corners of the room ), tables , cabinets , etc. Because of this design , you save room space at the same time adding your kitchen work surfaces. Think how convenient to use hostess sink built into a corner table , and mounted corner cabinets - it's just a kind of bins . Anyone who has the angular elements in the kitchen for a long time and appreciated their convenience.

Ordering a modern kitchen , you have the opportunity to think in advance placement sinks, stoves and appliances , that is - to solve the problem of linking all the components that allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams.
The colors and style of your kitchen
As for the style of modern kitchen , it can be anything: from Baroque to techno. However, as long as you have not yet decided in what style you would like to arrange your kitchen , think about that the more bells and whistles any unusual design is implemented in your kitchen , the faster it goes out of fashion . In addition to design stuff a huge impact on the health of the inhabitants of the room has a kitchen color .

You must remember that the colors, which holds any premises not only the kitchen , should provide the desired effect on mood . If you want the kitchen to relax and rest - do it in soothing neutral colors. If you have poor coverage , you could not be better , fit kitchen orange , or pale apricot . And if you cook very often , and the air temperature in your kitchen is usually higher than the average , then you will be perfect for a cool color palette that includes shades of blue, green or gray.

Extremely popular nowadays enjoy cuisine wenge . This kitchen is not never go out of fashion . Nice looking colors Wenge oak not only pleases the eye, but also blends in perfectly with virtually any interior color elements .
Custom Kitchens with facades from MDF.

Advantages and diversity MDF

The main component of every kitchen is the material from which it is made . Special operational loading bear cabinet doors and countertops for the kitchen , so the material from which these parts are made , must have the characteristics of high strength and durability. If you want to buy cheap bespoke kitchen , the ideal option for you will be the kitchen with facades from MDF .

MDF - a material that is made from wood. Due to the special manufacturing techniques , MDF , today - this is one of the most durable and safe materials , of which the following facades for kitchens . And one of the most sought after . And this is not surprising, because the kitchen with facades made of plastic or coated with enamel - is also MDF ( with a special coating , which adds not only aesthetic , but also strength) .

Advantages of wooden kitchens

Recently, a special popularity began to use the kitchen , kitchen facades are made of solid wood. This - the most expensive dishes , but they are definitely worth the money . Wooden kitchen , most often made of high quality precious woods such as oak , beech, mahogany, pine , birch , etc. Thanks to modern technology of artificial aging , which are often used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture to order , made of solid wood , you can turn your kitchen into an exquisite room, decorated with antique-style furniture . In addition , there is a more environmentally friendly material than wood. This is his undeniable plus.
Selection of accessories and kitchen accessories

One of the most important attributes of a modern kitchen are its accessories. These include all kinds of aluminum construction , swivel and tilt mechanism , wall units , rotating rack for utensils , etc. At the expense of quality accessories you can make your kitchen not only individual characteristics , but also increase its service life .

A huge role in improving the performance of kitchen fittings plays . Properly chosen accessories repeatedly extend the life of your kitchen cabinets, as well as add pleasure from using it. With proper selection of quality fittings , (BLUM, Ferrary) kitchen cabinets doors open easily without making extraneous sounds , fit snugly and not skewed . Shelves securely and drawers slide easily on runners . Since the kitchen furniture is exposed during operation not weak loads , fittings must be of very high quality . And did not the Chinese and Turkish origin .

We conclude : Given all of the above features and complexity that accompany you in the process of acquiring food , has washed its manufacturing entrust these professionals . Our company has won the market cabinet furniture impeccable reputation , and we guarantee all our customers the personal touch , full compliance with the price and quality precision manufacturing bespoke kitchen , in accordance with your wishes . In addition, for each product we offer a guarantee . If you are interested in not only food , but also any other furniture , cabinets coupe , with sitting and dressing rooms, please contact us. Quality products manufactured by us is no different from the best foreign analogues, and prices will pleasantly surprise . We value every customer and will do everything possible to the furniture of your dreams as soon as possible has taken its place of honor in your home.
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