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Кухонная мебель на заказ

Kitchen to order

Bespoke kitchen

Изготовление кухонной мебелиWe suggest ordering a kitchen on an individual project . If you appreciate the uniqueness and originality, as well as practicality and functionality of furniture that is causing our zamerschika designer , you can not spend the extra money to get quality made to your order kitchen furniture that will make you happy every day for years . Our master will discuss with you all the functionality and design elements for your future kitchen , finds the optimal solution with all the nuances of the room.
After making precise measurements will be drawn sketch of the kitchen and picked the final cost of the project. The cost of food is calculated individually and depends on many parameters :
Materials used ( wood, MDF , plastic) . Facades for kitchens array of very expensive. MDF and plastic thanks to modern developments have high strength , wear resistance, heat resistance , moisture resistance , and relatively inexpensive.
Class used accessories. The cost of fittings for kitchens is ten times worse . We offer quality fittings to install because durability and convenience of your furniture will depend precisely on accessories.
Kitchen design modules. The simpler the design of kitchen units , the cheaper it will be worth your furniture . Use our services and order the manufacture of kitchen furniture .
Width kitchen modules. One cabinet width 900 mm. will cost less than two similar in design cabinet width of 450 mm.
The presence of stained glass. Glass doors , as well as different trim elements , increases the cost of the kitchen furniture.

Departure of the master on the measurement or designer kitchen facilities costs 500 rubles, but in the case of a decision to order the kitchen with us , the cost of services and designer kitchen zamerschika deducted from the total cost of food. Term of manufacturing bespoke kitchen is 20 - 30 days depending on the complexity of the design of kitchen units , special hardware or material.
Features selection of kitchen furniture .

Kitchen furniture to order - it's the best decision that you can take if you visited the idea to update your kitchen . And so, the decision is made , the money allocated for the new purchase , and all your thoughts are a good choice of the manufacturer, which intelligently and clearly realizes the whole process from the development of the design project of your future kitchen , to delivery and installation. To the new kitchen furniture has taken a worthy place in your home, pleased with its design , comfort and rich functionality , you need to consider some important points :

The final cost of the kitchen furniture , made to order , is the cost of the furniture , its delivery , assembly and installation . Therefore, for proper planning of the budget need to calculate all the costs directly to the kitchen.

Provide as much information about the designer room where the kitchen will be installed : plan , dimensions , lighting, location of doors and windows , colors of walls and floor. The more information, the designer will receive , the more correctly and properly executed will either order. In order to make sure I did not miss with the size of your future kitchen , it is best , if possible, to entrust the manufacture of bespoke kitchen manufacturer and hire a specialist to remove the exact dimensions of the room. Inviting our expert you will get many useful tips and free from furniture design to the next location, the findings of plumbing, electrical outlets and switches in the kitchen space .

You must consider and understand that when you buy a la carte cuisine in St. Petersburg , you need to be very careful and order furniture is better , after all, have trusted manufacturers . By purchasing food from producer to order , ask how experienced professionals working in this company , what equipment manufactured furniture, is there a guarantee on the furniture , and what is its duration. Reputable manufacturers of kitchen furniture always have their official website , which is necessarily present catalog of kitchen furniture and other necessary information for you . Our firm works closely with the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of materials and accessories for kitchens and furniture .
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